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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Its going to be an expensive day today!

And not just because the truck's fuel tank needs refilled- No, today the truck is in the shop having its front suspension overhauled. Ball joints, top & bottom and universal joints for the front axle are on the agenda. It make get brake pads and the rotors turned if that squealing I was hearing turns out to be the pad wear indicator. Hopefully there won't be any other parts that need replacing since the estimate was already over $800 before we began discussing brakes.

800 bucks? Good grief! Not really too surprising since it is a big truck and those parts are hefty and expensive. I'm figuring that I will have to spend a like amount on 4 new tires before traveling to Oregon in July. I've also passed the 120,000 mile mark with it with nothing but 1 set of brake pads and shocks and one prior set of tires needing replaced. So its not like the truck has been beating me up continually for maintenance costs, it just comes along occasionally in really big dollar amounts.

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